I’ts been a while!

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You Are Here:I’ts been a while!

You might not have noticed but we’ve been busy for the last few months. Since we last updated you on Rotatris, we have gone back to the drawing board and did a total redesign of all the Rotatris code. This was necessary for the new features we are going to release in the future (coming soon!). The last updates on the Play store show that we have removed some of the old and (mostly) unused features:



In the beginning we thought that challenges would bring people together to play Rotatris more. However, we found that only 10% of the challenges started were finished by both players. We decided the challenges were more of a drag on Rotatris and had to go!


Facebook login

Another feature that was used to little. Only 5% of the users logged in using Facebook. We removed this and created an arcade like system to track people’s scores. Players don’t have to log in any more but in stead can provide their own name for the leaderboard. Google play is still available for score and achievement tracking.


Game modes

We have introduced 3 game stages: Easy, medium and hard. In the past we’ve had some complaints that games could take too long to finish and our players opted that if the game would be quicker in the beginning it would be better. However, we have also seen on multiple occasions that people just starting out are actually struggling with the speed. So we needed a best of both situation. Hence the game modes! Now you can choose the pace of the game yourself! Obviously this will reflect on the maximum score you are going to get.


The future

We’re not going to say too much yet, but we are working on a big update containing Power ups! If all goes right we will expect to launch this update somewhere next month.

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