Big Rotatris update – coming soon to Google Play!

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You Are Here:Big Rotatris update – coming soon to Google Play!

Big Rotatris update – coming soon to Google Play!

We are happy to announce a big upcoming Rotatris update! We have added new features and cleaned up the UI and UX a lot too. We are currently in the last phases of testing and will release in the coming weeks!


Power ups & Modules

We have added powerups and modules to make the gameplay a little more interesting. In the past a small mistake could mean the inevitable end of a long game. Now you can just blow it up using a bomb, remove it with an undo, or even clear the whole field with a cleanup.



To be able to afford these powerups you have to collect coins during gameplay. You can get them for instance: by performing special moves, by finishing levels or by collecting the daily bonus.


More endlessness & Score multipliers

All game stages are now endless again. So after finishing easy or medium you can just continue on collecting points. To keep things fair however we have added score multipliers for the stages. So for the highest scores you still want to play hard!



We have introduced a new language for Rotatris. You can now play it in Dutch, English and Portuguese!


Better tablet support

We’ve done some tweaking to the UI that Rotatris now looks prettier when played on a tablet.


Rotatris Screenshots

Here are some visuals to see some of the new content:

Powerups - Use powerups and modules to make things easier Grow your skills - Unlock and beat 3 difficulties Competative - Smash your highscore Achievements - More than 50 achievements to discoverFree stuff! Get bonusses every day! Tablet - Looks great on tablets

Google play

For now we are only releasing this update on Google play. For more details, visit rotatris.com


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