Written by: Streef Games

I’ts been a while!

You might not have noticed but we’ve been busy for the last few months. Since we last updated you on Rotatris, we have gone back to the drawing board and did a total redesign of all the Rotatris code

Rotatris to be featured in Google Play

This week we got news back from our contact at Google that Rotatris is selected to be featured in Google Play! Obviously we are very excited about this, and hope that it will bring us many new and hap

Rotatris: We’re live!

We’re Live! Rotatris has been launched on the global market in the Android and iOS app stores. Download and play Rotatris now!

Global release in 2 weeks

Global release incoming! In less than 2 weeks, on the 25th of April, Streef Games will release Rotatris worldwide on Google Play and on the iOS App store. Check out rota

New Screenshots for Rotatris

We have created some new screenshots for the app stores. After an ASO (app store optimization) review we learned that our screenshots needed more “pop”. Since we also needed a new one for the Challeng

Welcome to the Sandbox!

We are about to release another update for Rotatris with the all new Sandbox mode!

Sandbox mode

We have had some feedback that Rotatris is “Just too hard” for some people to get into. So we

Big Rotatris update

Rotatris update bringing you 1 on 1 challenges and more!

After 2 months of hard work we are proud to announce the first big Rotatris update!

This update brings a whole new design, 1 on 1